Assignments are not just a matter of completing them; we need to be improving our assignments from time to time. Constant improvement in our writing is all we are saying. It is not too late to learn them and pay attention to them to aid in our assignment writing. Here are our tips for improving assignment writing in our studies. Environment It is wiser and more appealing to complete an assignment when your psyche is in a peaceful state. This is achieved when the working…Continue Reading “Tips for Improving Assignment Writing in Our Studies”

A review is a short text that usually appears in periodicals providing a critique about a book, a movie or any other topic. They are basically descriptive and informative texts that present a novelty or an element of interest to a specific audience. Many times, writing a review is not easy because, although we can have a lot to say, the extension cannot exceed two or three pages. Rules for writing your academic book review Title of the academic book review (witty or word game…Continue Reading “Guide to Writing Academic Book Reviews”